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Building Spiritual Movement Everywhere in Nepal

It has been almost three and half decades since our ministry started in Nepal in 1976. Since its inception our movement has a great impact on making potential disciples which was great help in newly growing churches and first generation believers of Nepal. Despite of great persecution and availability of few faithful kingdom leader; God begin to build spiritual movement everywhere in Nepal.

Today, we are standing in the very crucial time of the history; where country is in the crossroad of having an aspiration to build the nation as new Nepal. The reality is that the only Hindu Kingdom in the world is now secular state. And furthermore, Nepal is in the process to draft new constitution which can assure the people of Nepal freedom, equality, development, security, economic growth etc. We Christian are also hoping to feel more freedom in practicing our faith than before.

Now, religious freedom has definitely given us more opportunity to reach out unreached people of the country button the other hand nominalism is increasing immensely in Nepal. And even, we have a greater technology, resources, kingdom leaders and workers than ever before for proclaiming the gospel to every person, tribe and tongue. Yet many unreached peoples still await a fair opportunity to know and follow Jesus.

Lately, Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ has been identifying the systemic problems and obstacles that hinder us from bringing the gospel to every segment of the society. So,we have set the Mission Critical Components-MCC as Student-led Movement, Leader-led Movement, Global Church Movement, Virtual-led Movement and Prayer Movement to highlight the mission strategies that can help us overcome the barriers and bring the love of Christ to every person regardless of their location, language or culture – building spiritual movement everywhere in Nepal by making disciples who makes disciples.We as a team are focused and dedicated on building and equipping followers of Christ.

I hope and pray that God will give you reason to praise Him on how our co-workers, kingdom leaders, and partners are doing ministry faithfully and how God is at work guiding and leading us to serve Him better way. What we have achieved is the combination of more than 200 full time staffs and volunteers and church planters, team efforts.
On behalf of the NCCC ministry, I want to extend a special word of thanks to our ministry and prayer partners who have contributed their L-I-F-E (Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise) in our movement. And want to appreciate to all our co-workers and kingdom leaders, who are working hard in this endeavor to help build spiritual movement everywhere in Nepal. Your partnership, loveand support are highly acknowledged and appreciated.

We look forward for your continuous support of prayers and LIFE investment toward our ministry to build spiritual movement everywhere in Nepal. May His kingdom come

Serving Him Together with you,

Tara Singh Kathayat
National Director
Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ

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