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The total Population of Nepal according to the census of 2012 is 2, 64, 94, 504, with 90 percent of the population now living in urban and suburban environments because of the various facilities then rural, by the same ways cities are also increasing consequently. Urban people are not living in traditional communities. They may know lot of people and relate to one another through linear networks.

Bhaktapur, Birgunj, Kathmandu, Lumbini, Nepalgunj,Patan and Pokharaare the seven major cities of Nepal and others cities are rapidly growing everywhere in Nepal, as we the Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ ministry’s 14 integrated cities team are effectively lunching Urban ministries among 7 major cities. In order to reach those cities we have made faith goal 2020, Empowered networks of Churches in 30 cities with 50% of Churches multiplying.

Currently we have both opportunities and challenges in urban ministry settings. One side we have opportunity to continuation of ministry and Wide Scope, another side we have barriers of religious Groups, Community and People are focused on materialism.
In order to reach our Vision 2020 we are sincerely contributing our lives to building leaders, promoting strategic partnerships, inspiring vision, initiating and supporting local body of Christ multiplication movements, sharing tools, resources, strategies etc,
All over Nepal many local pastor and Leaders are actively involving in City Vision Fellowship in order to build a spiritual Movement Everywhere by Prayer, witness and being a ministry partner.

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