Leader Led Movement

LLM Means ?
Leader-Led Movements:
A strategy to win and equip leaders in cities who will help lead Christ- centered movements that reach and affect primary domains of society (family, religion, economy, government, media, arts, entertainment and sports). The LLM vision as it is developing in Nepal is to begin by targeting professionals generally and then, all else being equal, prioritize special initiatives for educators, civil service and business owners. All the LLM Staff and Kingdom Leaders (volunteers) have some ideas at some level about contextualized discipleship and Engage-Win-Build-Send.

Global definition of LLM:
The global mission of LLM is to reach, engage and equip leaders who will ignite and accelerate Christ-centered movements that renew every domain of society.

Priority Segments:
1. Professionals – generic group that encompasses everyone from grads to executives
2. Educators – Education Ministers, Principals, lecturers, Trainers of Teachers
3. Businessmen – wealth generators
4. Other Segments
• Media
• Government (Political, Civil Service, Police, Military)
• Arts (Artists, Performing Artists, Sportsmen, Entertainers, etc.)
• Other

We want our ministries / movements to be characterized by …
1. Both indigenous and contextualized discipleship (i.e. not just build Educators to be Christians but to build Christian Educators, etc.)
2. Equip these leaders to effectively engage in purposeful pre-evangelistic relationships with colleagues and other people of influence in addition to Win, Build, and Send.
3. Create a “mentoring system” within each vocation / work place which will allow believers who are established leaders in their vocation to help mid and entry level Kingdom-minded believers to rise to the top of their vocation also.
4. Collectively consider how such groups of leaders can have a transformative influence within their particular “industry” or in any other relevant sphere of influence in society.

About Kingdom minded business owners:
The concept is simple. First, find Kingdom minded business owners who embrace their call, who seek to drive culture change through their business, who believe God has raised them up to generate wealth for Kingdom purposes, and who utilize this influence through various practical kingdom related initiatives. Second bring them into a supportive community where they can help peer-mentor one another. Third, connect such a group to world-class business mentors who would understand how to take their businesses further – much further.

The ministry among professionals started later than campus ministry still it has left some impacts. Earlier the name of this ministry was LIFE NET (Community ministry). The leadership of that time realized need of professional ministry. There was not any solid idea for launching ministry. When the ministry was launched it started seeing results. Many professionals were trained for evangelism and discipleship. Though the result were not much visible for that movement, professional were eager to carry on. But we can notified that many significant number of leaders who are leading church, organizations and different segments of society today. They also contributed for expansion of the movements. Now the concept is very clear. We are certain about where we are heading and what our intended end result is.

As you read above about what is kingdom minded business owners, bring them into a supportive community where they can help peer-mentor one another. All the professionals are busy in their respected areas. Though our motivation is to bring them in a platform and to take up their ministry in a movement to movements in their own city. We encourage to all vocational ministry partners to have their self-sustaining ministry. However, in practice, this is not so easy. Actually in the bribe-riddled Nepali culture, it is hard to find authentic kingdom businesses willing to take a stand in not giving in to paying bribes – it’s even harder to find such businesses that have been able to establish themselves and flourish.

In the context of Nepal, Christian professionals are uniting themselves and realizing to glorify God through their involvement in the winning and building soul for Christ. Many Christian professionals are making their top rank on their profession. We are seeking to create platform to assemble and maximize talents, treasures and time in one place to create spiritual movements in many more domains. There are much more responsibilities to done as God has commanded to follow according to Matthew 28:19-20 and to take initiative it in their domains where they are working. There are so important opportunities to share Christ and disciple new believers from their business context (spiritual multiplication) in their respected places.

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