Student Led Movement

Missional Gap
According to 2011 census there are more than 4122 campuses including Universities and HSEB. Currently our ministry presence is only in 69 campuses (29 base and 40 catalytic).Still there are huge Missional gap between reached and unreached campuses. We believe this Missional gap can be filled with partnership.

What SLM is?
We believe that today’s campus students are tomorrow’s leaders. We want to see students everywhere embrace the purpose, love and forgiveness that God offers them in a relationship with Jesus Christ.The campus ministry targets students; because it is the time they make the most decisions in their lives. It is the small window of time where individuals are open to changing their ideas, beliefs and perceptions of the world. This is the reason roughly 90% of all Christians made their decision for Christ before they reached the age of 21.

Therefore we have base and catalytic strategy to reach campus students.
In base: we have staffs assigned for creating student led movement. We consider it as base because most of leaders produce from these prime ‘A’ level campuses. If they make decision for Christ their leadership will accelerate the movements.
In catalytic campuses: we equip Christian students as key volunteer in such a way that they can lead spiritual movement in their own campuses. There are still many more campuses where there is not any proclamation of Gospel and environment for spiritual growth. It is due to lack of leadership for the movement.
In both strategies there are simple steps of Win-Build-Train-Send.

Since 1976 Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ has been laboring hard to reach campus students. Many churches and organizations have been benefited by the ministry. Significant number of leaders who are leading church, organizations and different segments of society today had contributed leadership for campus movements in the past. Through our evangelism and discipleship material and process numerous students have got purpose of living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want to trust God and trust the students
We want to trust God that He has already prepared “harvesters” even in an untapped campus and it’s just for us to intentionally find where they are and are just waiting to be coached. We need to trust even a single committed student to own the vision for his/her campus and rallying it to become a reality in his/her own strategies aligned with the principles of how God distinctively called them for his/her campus. We want to let go and gave them the freedom to strategize how to reach their campus, ownership increased and their leadership got more empowered. As they know more about their campus and way to reach it.

The generation today is advance and well connected with information and technology. Media is trying to convince them to supply all their needs. Obviously as aware people of God we believe that is not true. Moral level of students is degrading. Students are searching truth. They are spending much more time on internet search than with friends. College courses are not meeting spiritual and moral needs of the students. They are only heading for quality and secure life. Even most of those students who have received Christ and started their personal walk with God are not serious about their call to live as separated and be instrument of God to expand His mission.

Do we ever consider that the student sitting across from us may be the next generation of social, religious, corporate, and political leaders of this country, as well as the world? Right now there’s a future president, somewhere, sitting down to a plate of dining hall food, or finishing up their lunch in the cafeteria. It isn’t a question whether tomorrow’s leaders are on the campus or even a question whether these leaders will shape and influence our country and world. The question is who will shape and influence them? The old slogan of Campus Crusade for Christ was, “win the campus today and you’ll win the world tomorrow.” Almost every major political, athletic, social, military and religious leader will pass through either the high school or college campus. To reach them with the gospel is to effectively reach the world.

If it really makes sense and gives fire, lets join hands together and work together to reach every campus and every student in Nepal until everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.

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