BaDhuB City Team

God is allowing us to serve Him through NCCC in the districts of Bhaktapur, Banepa and Dhulikhel. Bhaktapur (old name Bhadgaon) is 18 Km far from Kathmandu is an ancient historical city literally called “City of Devotees’. Bhaktapur is a city full of idols, temples, and is predominantly comprised of peasantry Painting, carving, masonry, bronze casting, jewelry, pottery etc. are other traditional enterprises still existing. Local old people are mostly illiterate and speak their local (Newari) language only.Kavre district is mainly dominated by Tamang community and others. Banepa is the largest city near Kathmandu. This area is predominantly comprised of peasantry agricultural farming and factories and temples. Mostly people believe in Hinduism & Buddhism. Kathmandu university which lies in Dhulikhel (Kavre) district is 29 Km far from Kathmandu where the rich and high class, potential students come for study from all over part of Nepal.In the midst of these people God is leading us to work in these localities. There are total 8 staffs of BaDhuB team are investing time & talent with vision “Building Spiritual Movement Everywhere”, by boldly proclaiming Jesus everywhere as we develop leaders and raise up eager co-laborer for spiritual movement in these region with partnership of local body of Christ.

According to the ministry component our some staff are visiting there base campus & university to develop relationship with students and to develop healthy movement and some staffs doing ministry among professional (mainly among the teachers) and some staff is ministering God to develop the spirit of partnership and Church networking and establishment of Church in needed area.

Obviously it is miraculous work of our sovereign Lord that most of the people, not all are curious to know about Christ. It is due to the endeavors of His people & staffs that most of people know about Christ through the program like Campus Life, Team Meeting, Easter Rally, Christmas Get-Together, and Healing Crusade, Personal Sharing, Gospel Track Distribution.

Though people are being exposed with gospel of Christ, people are reluctant to accept Christianity because of their strong faith in Hinduism & Buddhism. Due to the fear of castaway from their social or community (law & regulation) they cannot openly accept the biblical truth in their lives.
In order to build Spiritual Movement in Nepal every Church should be motivated to be great commission Oriented Church & developing healthy relationship with local body of Christ.


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