BID City Team

Building spiritual Movement Everywhere in Birtnagar, Itahari and Dharan Cities and beyond through winning, building, training and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples.

BIRATNAGAR: Situated in Southern part of  Koshi Zone, East Nepal, focuses City are Biratnagar,Itahari & Dharan. Biratnagar which is the 2nd largest & industrialist City  of Morang District of Nepal and the southern part of City bordered by the most populated country ,India ,Bihar and there is domestic Airport & Railway Station nearby City, mostly   Brahmin ,Marwari other Terrain tribe are accommodated in this City.

ITAHARI: The heart of East Nepal & has been called the fast growing City of Sunsari District the people who are accommodated here are mixed tribe & Culture.

DHARAN: Another beautiful City of Sunsari district situated in the lap of Hilly region Where mostly British & Indian  Ex-Army are resided.

MINISTRY  UPDATE: Altogether we are 10 Staff who has been ministering in three Cluster  , through SLM,LLM GCM where we have started our ministry in 3 Base Campuses, 5 Catalytic Campuses and ministering in Teachers, Businessmen & Nurses domain. As well as  we have been doing regularly City Vision Fellowship with the Pastor & Leaders of the Cities & Church Planting with the partnership  in the New Unreached VDCs & Unreached People group of Hilly & Terrain.

The most Important part, which is our backbone, our Prayer movement in which most of the believers   are involved in these movement through 40day’s fasting & prayer in all the City & beyond.

 IMPACT: We could Scrutinize that the Churches Leader are responding positively & helping , Supporting in our Movement & Many Community people are knowing Christ & the Churches are growing day by day.

 OPPORTUNITY: Many people are thirsty to know about the true God .As we are Interdenominational organization we have opportunity to work among all the Churches & Organization, & Secular Country.

 CHALLENGES: We are facing such challenges like:

                             *People  are busy

                             *Totally involved in traditional  & Culture

                             *Orthodox Religion faith

                             *Economic low status

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