BiDaI City Team


Building spiritual Movement Everywhere in Birtamode, Damak and Ilam Cities and beyond through winning, building, training and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples.

BiDaI City Team is named as the name of three city (we called them cluster) : Birtamod,Damak,Ilam city. It lies in the eastern part of Nepal. It covers two districts also named Jhapa and Ilam. Ilam is hilly area and jhapa is Terai or plain area.

Birtamod is a recenty developing City in which there are major ethnicities living “Rajbanshi,Rai,limbu chettri,Brahmins. The latest figure of population is estimate at about 34500.

Damak is a beautiful city in which there are major ethnicities living dhimal ,Rai,limbu,tharu or santhal,chhettri ,Brahmins etc.The population of this city was 35009 and growth rate is 5.14 according to the 2047/48 census.

Ilam is a tea produce town in hilly eastern region of Nepal. It is famous for natural scenary and landscapes.The major ethnicities living there are Sherpa,limbu Rai,Tamang,,Gurung  chettri etc.The population of Ilam city is 64000.

In our team there are mainly three ministry component such as SLM (student led movement), LLM (Leader led Movement) and GCM (Global Church Movement)

SLM is leading 3 Base and 7catalytic campuses. The total number of students is 20,000.

LLM is leading mainly two domain i.e. Teachers group and Businessmen group.

Our next steps are to build the spiritual movement among x-army and nurses too.

Through GCM we are empowering the local churches to be Great Commission oriented and self sustain by providing training and helping to church multiplication with partnership.


1. There are lots of unreached areas or groups or domains.

2. There are lots of campuses

3. Churches and students are available and open for network

4. Openness for Gospel


2. Traditional conservative attitude

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