KaV North City Team

Building spiritual Movement Everywhere in Trisuli and Dhunche Cities and beyond through winning, building, training and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples.

Kav North City Team is designed specially focus for Trisuli and Dhunche. KaV North City Team is new City Team, which is started from this year July 2012. It is the North part of Kathmandu City and elaborate Trisuli (Nuwakot District ) and Dhunche (Rasuwa District). Rasuwa is attached with Tibet too.

 Mostly 100 Christian lives in different part of Dhunche. We have great opportunity to Serve Lord at Dhunche and Trisuli Bazar. If we can able to win students in Christ they can reach their people of village. It would be great way to enter Tibet also taking words of God.

We are five staffs in Kav North City team. God has given us great opportunity to serve our Lord in New places. It is our opportunity being part of CCC to reach people in Christ and develop them in Christ.

We are working in 1 base campus and 3 catalytic campuses. We also have started Business men fellowship. We are working among local body of Christ by giving them training, gospel and spiritual growth materials.

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