KaV West City Team

Building spiritual Movement Everywhere in KaV West City (Gajuri and Dhadingbeshi) and beyond through winning, building, training and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples.

Kathmandu Valley West City Team (KaV West City Team) is consists of building Spiritual Movements towards western Kathmandu valley upto Dhading district (neighboring district 92 km away from Kathmandu valley). Our base campus is Nepal’s oldest and largest Central University known as Tribhuwan University (T.U.). This Central University offers Master’s degree and doctoral degree program only. This is most influenced university in Nepal where graduates influences all the major sectors of society. Our SLM (Student Led Movement) staff do ministry regularly in this Central University as a Base campus.

Dhading is nearest western district from capital city Kathmandu but it has many demands in terms of ministry. Christians were presence largely in the northern belt of this district but no one does student and other professional ministry. Our team focus to build Ministry in Nil Kantha Campus (Government campus) and Children’s Park High School (Private Campus). We want to strengthen the local churches towards Great Commission oriented churches so that they may also do regular Disciple Making ministry. We met some Christian Civil Servants in Dhadingbesi and we want to build them as a Kingdom Leaders so that they may also make an influence to their stakeholders as a light and salt of Jesus Christ and make disciples to their colleagues. Campus Crusade spent thirty five years in Nepal but we never thought of putting team to focus ministry in this neighboring district of Kathmandu. It is our desire to build spiritual movement in this new emerging place in order to see Disciple making church, transformed Government offices and vibrant disciple making ministry in those two campuses.

Beside this, we want to build up Catalytic Ministry in Jana Maitri Campus (Semi-government), Kuleswor, Kathmandu. We are putting our key volunteers to build Catalytic Campus ministry in this campus. Our team is running Businessman’s Fellowship as a model fellowship in Nepal. Now, they are on their own and they are moving towards disciple making in their business field and they are making this fellowship as a platform to networking their business as well. They are meeting on a monthly basis and they have their own committee to lead this fellowship regularly.

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