TaBKa City Team

Chitwan district, which lies on the south west of the kingdom, is one of fast developing districts in Nepal. It is the only one district that links the kingdom with eastern &western part of Nepal. Chitwan is thus categorized to briefly know about it.
Chitwan is encircled with the Mahabharat Hills in the North, the Chure ranges in the South, Narayani River in the west &Lother Khola in the East, Chitwan Royal National Park is situated in the lap of the Chure range.

Chitwan is making a rapid progress in quantitative and Qualitative education. There are 15 Academic institutions with graduate and post graduate level and 35 institutions with 10+2 & Certificate level have been established here.
Now there are about 40 Village Development Committees (each of which has nine wards or villages) and one sub-Metropolitan City – Bharatpur and amunicipality Ratnanagar each of which has more than nine wards or urban areas.
Chitwan is one of the few remaining undisturbed vestiges of the Terrain region, which formerly extended over the foothills of Nepal.

TaBKa (Tandi, Bharatpur, Kawasoti) Team is One of Ministry Team of NCCC and it has Great Desire to expand His kingdom in TaBKa Area. Now 9 fulltime staff are serving Lord through this Team. We have ministry among Policemen, Businessmen. Tandi City, Bharatpur and Kawasoti City are the major and main focus ministry area of our Team

In Local community CCC has great influence since 1980 and local church calls us for training and share message time to time.
Now in The ministry we have different sector like policemen, army and others so everywhere movement is building and His ministry is going smoothly, it is our Joy that we had opportunity to grab among different sector.

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