37th Annual Staff Conference

“…Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight”


Staffs of NCCC in the 37th Annual Staff Conference

Crossing many difficulties and persecution the ministry of Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ has completed 37 years. It is not easy task to work in the spiritual field since more than 3.5 decades. We praise God for the successfully completion of 37th Annual volunteer Staff conference which was organized in Hotel Landmark, Pokhara from 16 -19April 2013. The main theme of the conference was “…Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight”Mark 1:3 It was blessed fellowship among the staff family of Nepal CCC. More than 100 volunteer staffs were participated in the conference.

Devotion message from the Bible was delivered by the pastors of local churches of Pokhara. Worship team of Nepal CCC led the worship service during whole conference. The Director of South Asia Campus Crusade for Christ Jose Sam was the main speaker during the conference and there was separate session for women taught by Neena Sam. All participants were blessed by the meaningful, important session facilitated by Area Director Jose Sam. During the session the participants were reminded the Mission Priorities

Area Director Jose Sam taking the session

which is essential to accomplish our vision. Our mission priorities are 1. Building Model Movements 2. Mobilizing Volunteers, 3. Sending beyond South Asia, 4. Mobilizing diaspora, 5. Building Capacity. These are the essential priorities to Build Spiritual Movements Everywhere. To make possible to take place these priorities our base should be strong and the main Speaker Jose focused on the base (Lunch Pad) which determine the completion of our mission priorities. As much as stronger the base there will be high possibility to accomplish our priorities the base he mentioned was  first, Earnest Prayer, Second, Motivated People, Third, Passion for Holiness and forth, Authentic Community. All the volunteers staffs were excited and encouraged by the teaching and committed to implement in the ministry days to come.

The children conference was also designed for the kids of Staffs, more than 25 kids were participated on children conference, they were so much excited and happy to play the games and have friendship with new friends. During volunteer staffs were appreciated giving the certificates and plaque of appreciation. Tara Singh Kathayat (National Director) and Arati Kathayat National Prayer Coordinator were appreciated with the certificate and plaque on the completion of their 20 years’ service in the NCCC, Amrit Nepali and Ambika Nepali were appreciated on the completion of their 15 years of Service and Pan Maya Thapa and Roshani Subba were appreciated on the completion of 10 Years’ service to help fulfill the Great commission of Lord Jesus Christ being committed volunteers staffs in the Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ.

And the some awards were presented to the volunteer staff who served the best during this year in their respective area of responsibility. And the best Team leader and the Best Team also announced

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