Radio Ministry of Nepal CCC

It has been after a long prayer that God has enabled Nepal Campus Crusade for Christ to broadcast radio program through air. The radio program (Atmik Aviyan) was broadcasted on Good News FM 105.1MHz on 24th October. This is being broadcasted every Wednesday at 6:15 PM-6:30 PM. Again God helped the program to be broadcasted at Kantipur FM, Station of the Nation at 96.1KMHz and 101.8MHz, every Sunday from 6:10am-6:25am.

Different comments and feedbacks are coming. One of the sisters from Pathri, Biratnagar said that she was very blessed by the program but she felt that the time was too short. She requested to extend the time. She has even shared this to her church members. They are collecting the offering in order to help extend the program. Another leader, Santosh Subedi of the same place appreciated the effort and suggested to make clear about the false teachings. He said that he is praying for this in his church. Moreover through this program he got courage to share the gospel to other people. Ayush, a University student from Sunsari, explained that he likes the program and desired to meet our program host, to know more about Christ and that he was thinking to receive Christ. There are various feedbacks by the believers and the non- believers.

This encourages to do more in future and to achieve good impact throughout Nepal through this program. It has been planned to develop follow-up materials who receives Christ and to link them to different City Teams. This is the initial phase but in future there is a plan to broadcast this program in different native languages on the basis of majority of their languages

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