The Impact of Nationwide 40 Days Fasting & Prayer

When God wants to do great things He will allow His people to pray, He will bring His people together to pray.      This year also God raised men and women from different places of Nepal together to pray for our nation, Nepal. It is time to rejoice together that God has done marvelous and unexpected things in this nation as well as in the lives of many people. On hearing war stories and blessings from different people it can be seen that God has touched so many lives and has broken so many bondages and answered so many prayers. Our God is indeed an awesome God and He is actively at work. When we work we work but when we pray God works. We have witness synergy and oneness among believers tremendously. It can be said that divine revival has taken place among his people. Some were testifying that many of their relatives, their close family members gave their lives to Christ during the fasting period; some of them saw healing took place and many of the chronic diseases being healed.  Demons have been cast out, many unresolved issues being resolved for good. One day one old lady who is 78 years old visited our Prayer Coordinator and told her that she was also taking part in 40 days fasting and prayer with earnest prayer for the country Nepal and believers of Nepal. At first she did not believe her but as she explained how God spoke to her about this fasting and ask her to be a part of it shows how much God wanted his people to pray. This year also we had all types of people participating in this prayer movement. Pastors, leaders, lay men, youths, teenagers. All praises and thanksgiving goes to our Lord and to all our prayer partners, supporters and well- wishers.

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